Do These Tricks When Your Printer Won’t Scan Your Files

When the printer cannot scan, we can try reinstalling the driver. If an error occurs during installation, you should immediately cancel it. First, uninstall the program that was previously an error. then return to reinstall. After you have finished reinstalling, don’t forget to restart. Aside from that, check out the best printer ink as well.

Incorrect installation placement

Usually, the installation is always done on drive C. However, in some cases, there are also those that install it on the drive other than C. As is well known that drive C is the default drive of all programs installed on the computer. If you install a program on a computer other than drive C, the application will not be maximal in running the program. Therefore, try to check whether the printer program is installed on drive C or not. If it is installed on another drive, immediately uninstall and reinstall it.

Check the cable port

If it still doesn’t work, you should check the cable port. Damaged cables can also affect printer machines, especially in the scanner section. Therefore, to find out the cable port is still good or not is to use another cable port. If when using a cable port, the scanning process can work, so there are no problems with the cable port and printer machine.

Check the scanner

If all the methods have been done and the printer is still unable to do a scanner, then you can be sure something has happened with the scanner. It could be that the scanner has damage inside so it can’t do the scanning process. Damage to the scanner generally includes light parts, processors, scanned capture devices, and parts that make the scanner unable to function properly. If indeed the scanner is damaged there are only two ways, namely to take it to a service station. Or if you have more money, you can also buy a new printer.

Need to remember! To buy important electronic items such as printers, scanners, computers, and other electronic items, try to buy items that are new or guaranteed. By buying goods that are still guaranteed, besides being able to relieve from the financial side, handling goods by people who are experts can speed up repairs to the goods.

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